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Photograph by Suzie Howell

20.10.04_AlyStudio8790 (1).jpg

Photograph by Suzie Howell

'Aly Dalrymple is a textile artist based in Bristol, UK. She specialises in free machine embroidery and paint on natural fabric. Aly's early years were spent in the countryside of North Wales, and her life-long love of wildlife comes through in her work. Her hangings tell stories and create new worlds and she infuses folklore into her work. 

Aly creates mesmerising textile hangings that delve into the elements of the natural world. Through layers of textured stitch, vibrant colour, dynamic movement and detail, she brings to life dreamlike scenes that captivate the viewer. Aly creates space for thought and wonder, focusing in on detail and the intricacy of wildlife and the world around her. She invites her audience to explore and appreciate the delicate beauty she discovers in the richness of nature.'

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