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Photograph by Suzie Howell

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Photograph by Suzie Howell

I am a visiual artist working through the medium of textiles. My work is energetic, vibrant and textured. I work using layers which I like to build and develop over time. Embroidery offers me the freedom to express the ideas and images in my mind; the possibilites of work are endless.


I first started free machine embroidery at secondary school and there I found a love for stitch work. My works varies from simple line stitch to heavier textured stitch. I like to focus on the quality of the line. I also use other textile media such as appliqué, embellishment and paint. 


I have travelled in East Africa and India and the landscape, nature, people and art of the countries I visited has influenced my own work. Inspired by my travels I have produced a portfolio of textile art in the form of cards, prints and original pieces.


In my original works I appliqué using fabrics collected from places in the world I have visited. A range of contrasting fabrics, recycled saris, silks, indigo-dyed cottons, African kitenge are all combined in my textiles. I also dye my own materials to use in my work. I’m excited by pattern, colour and the story behind the fabric.


People are fascinating; portraiture is a main focus of mine.  I’m interested in environments, colours, textures and their surroundings.


My work also combines aspects of wildlife and portraiture. Texture,  colours, animals, and people come through in my work when I’m creating a piece, giving a childlike, illustrative and playful affect.



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