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Commission available on request


All of my originals are made in my studio in Bristol. Each original embroidery is entirely individual and carefully planned. I take time to research, communicate and create a textiles piece tailored for an individual. Originals are all unique and signed.


Working on a commission is very special and very different from creating my other works. It's wonderful to have customers share their ideas with me. We work together to compose a unique picture for special occasions and celebrations or for family portraits. I'm always happy to discuss and help while we finalise the design and composition. We can discuss colours, portraits, wildlife, landscape and even include words and names. I can work from imagery and photographs. 

My prices start from £150. Please contact me for more information on pricing and sizing.


If you are interested, I will guide you through the commission process. Get in touch with any questions and we can get started. 


"I asked Aly to create a piece for my dads 70th birthday. I wanted to make it special, but didn't know where to start. Aly was great at helping me express my ideas and guiding me. We had a lovely chat over a cuppa. I love how much she thinks about the subject and collects information.


What Aly created was far beyond my expectations and my dad was blown away. It is now  on display in the heart of his house. i couldn't recommend her highly enough, her art work will be cherished by my dad for the rest of his life".

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