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All these pieces are not for sale, they are examples of previous commissioned portraits. 
For any portrait enquiries please get on the contact page, alternatively email via

'Budgie's family' 80cm x 60cm

'The Hare family' 80cm x 100cm

'Greta' 30cm x 25cm

'Will, Alice and freddie' 50cm x 60cm

'Polly' 20cm x 30cm

'Amy's ocean' 40cm x 50cm

'Steve, Rachel and Bryn' 80cm x 50cm

'Sarah's portrait' 50cm x 60cm

'Sarah's family' 60cm x 75cm

'Liam's message' - portrait of Liam and all things that he loves. !00cm x 80cm

''Jo and Mike's celebration' 60cm x 70cm

'Family love' 70cm x 80cm

''family portrait' 100cm x 80cm

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