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I was given the opportuninty to work abroad with three womens co-operatives,  Jeevika, Silence, in Calcutta and Shika in Tanzania. I was introduced to the groups from when working for FAIR, a fair trade shop in Brighton.  I was able to learn new skills and work amogst new people and enviroments. I helped develop design teams in these organisations to produce new ranges of clothes and textiles to export and sell abroad, using fair trade principles.


Jeevika Trust has touched more than 100,000 lives over the last decade and continues to work with people on the margins of rural society – low-caste and tribal people, especially women – to help them build and sustain their individual, family and community livelihoods. -


SILENCE, an organisation for socio-economic rehabilitation of deaf people and people with other disabilities. SILENCE, came into existence in 1979. It all started with a handful of deaf artists with a bit of creativity and lots of dreams to achieve an economic and spiritual self-sufficiency.


Shika is a UK registered charity aiming to create opportunities for the poorest people in Tanzania through access to education and trade.

Other work

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